This event by Education -for- Climate Coalition  to take place on 22 March 2022 17:00 – 17:45 (CET) will launch the participatory community challenge on the occassion of the World Water Day!

Saving water is a crucial contribution to reducing our resource footprint and to balance planetary boundaries. We all know the basic steps to do so in our daily and school lifes. But whilst we might think of them as one-off opportunities or actions, making them sustainable in the long run is an ongoing quest. And what better than to think of them as routines or habits that feel natural to us so that any good practice of saving water becomes a normal daily reflex. So with this participatory challenge we want to ask ourselves how we can make saving water a lifelong habit.

This event will outline how we would like to share, select, co-create, test and implement and co-validate community-sourced concrete examples, illustrations and ideas of what the community is doing or have been doing regarding saving water activities, classes, actions, etc. to foster good habits.

Join here to get to know how you can participate in any or every of the phases!