Why are there ships in the middle of a desert? Who were the first women to win the right to vote? Where does the alphabet come from?

For the World Children’s Day, UNESCO with Barbanera created an  interactive online calendar based on 12 items from the Memory of the World (MoW) International Register, which consists of important historical materials from around the globe.

Each month Nala and Leo, two young characters, take their fellow children to a different part of the world, where they discover a local treasure and learn about what it signifies as part of the world’s collective history. Join them here: www.mowcalendar.org

The UNESCO MoW Programme commissioned this course as part of its strategy to promote documentary heritage among youth. Apart from the e-calendar, the MoW Programme has launched an e-course for teachers, which provides practical tools and sample lesson plans for integrating the MoW International Register in art, history, language, and literature classes.