The 2023 GEM Report will critically examine the role of technology in education: the potential & risks involved, as well as the challenges that technology puts on governments aiming to come up with coherent policies that maximize gains, while minimizing threats. Since the 2020 GEM Report on inclusion and education, country profiles aligned with the report theme are being developed on the PEER website that supplements and systematizes the monitoring of SDG4 . 

What would you like your coutry to report about Education & Technology? Let GEM know!

The theme of technology and education is very broad. Today’s consultation seeks your thoughts and advice on which aspect of technology and education the GEM Report team should focus on. Core questions are:

  • What policy areas on technology and education could the PEER profiles focus on that would be most useful for peer learning?
  • What indicator could the PEER profiles on technology and education help inform?

Find more information and the link to send your inputs at: 

Deadline: 13 September 2021