MEdIES Secretariat was happy that took part in the 1st EU4Ocean workshop “Designing Ocean Literacy action in Europe” on 24 – 25 September 2020. We were quite thrilled to find out that a diverse community engaged in Ocean Literacy is keep growing across Europe. The workshop was organised  by the  EU4Ocean Coalition, a new initiative on ocean literacy of the European Commission.  The EU4Ocean Coalition has the following three pillars:

1. The EU4Ocean Platform : 76 organisations and initiatives already participate,  eager to connect, collaborate and mobilise efforts on ocean literacy on  three priority themes: Climate and Ocean, Food from the Ocean, and Healthy and Clean Ocean. The Platform is open to any competent organization.

2. The Youth4Ocean Forum gathering a group of young people between 16 and 30 years old, passionate about the ocean, and how to trigger changes in mindsets and practices across Europe that will contribute to a healthy and sustainable ocean.

3. The  Network of European Blue Schools is being established to bring the ocean into classrooms – and students to the ocean! Teachers, school managers, marine educators and students will be provided a handbook to help them engage in the “Find the Blue” challenge. Successful projects will earn their school the European Blue School certification.

During these 2 days we were informed about the EU4Ocean Coalition through a series of online webinars while on September 24, the winners of the #YoungOceanWaves contest were offcially announced! In addition, interactive and participatory online workshops took place to set the basis for collective ocean literacy initiatives on the three thematic priorities  as well as  to investigate specific marine and ocean literacy challenges in European sea basins.

Check out all information about the EU4Ocean initiatives and how you can be a part of it here!