Discovering the wealth of the Mediterranean water management heritage . . . 

HYDRIA is an online multi-resource aiming to unfold and present a small part of the diverse Mediterranean Water Cultural Heritage based on representative cases of water management works, concepts and techniques of the past. HYDRIA is tri-lingual functioning in English, Greek and Arabic language.

HYDRIA aims to demonstrate the wisdom of our ancestors through their wise and respectful water management techniques; to sensitise on the valuable water-related Mediterranean cultural heritage and present ways to protect it. Furthermore, the website asserts to make the proper links of the wise traditional techniques to the modern innovative technologies of water management, particularly in the light of the pressure generated on water resources by climate change and the water scarcity of the region. The 36 case studies include texts prepared by experts, photographic material and animations explaining the operation of complex water works. The cultural elements that depict how societies evolved around the water resources are also presented. Also, in each case study the current status of the remnants is presented and further references are proposed for the interested readers and potential visitors to the sites.

HYDRIA targets all citizens, particularly youth including the formal and non-formal educational community. It highlights the role of young citizens as water consumers and makes them reflect and reconsider their responsibility towards more sustainable water consumption and management.   

HYDRIA is an open-ended resource; it has been enriched in various phases and has granted multi-source funding throughout its creation (starting back in 2008), and namely, from the the EC/DG Env through the MIO-ECSDE Core Funding, the Global Water Partnership Mediterranean (GWP-med), the UNESCO Participation Programme and the Anna Lindh Foundation.

In 2018 HYDRIA became a member of the World Water Museums Network serving as a virtual museum that unfolds the tangible and intangible Mediterranean water heritage.