MEdIES is providing expertise in a Regional Training on Awareness Raising and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) organised by the  EU funded WES Programme.  Following the first webinar focusing on ESD Policies at the global and regional level on 14 July  2021 (read more here) the second one took place under the topic “Designing & coordinating campaigns and ESD actions on Sustainable Consumption related to Food” on 14 September 2021.  65 participants attended the training from ministries, international organisations, academic institutions and educators, CSOs and NGOs working on ESD.

The training started by Prof Scoullos, WES Team Leader  who shared the reflections and feedback from the first webinar, as well as some key recommendations “created” by the trainees on advancing/scaling-up/amending the priority areas in their countries, related, of course, to ESD.

Ih the first part of the webinar Iro Alampei MIO-ECSDE/MEdIES, showcased how Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) can increase the knowledge, awareness and  willingness of learners of all ages and types, to transform unsustainable consumption and production patterns and consumer societies through individual and collective actions. During this interactive session participants elaborated on ESC principles and methods, while they co-created an online concept map about ESC.

In the second part Vicky Malotidi, MIO-ECSDE/MEdIES shared with the trainnees an inclusive and multi-disciplinary sum of ESC initiatives, actions and useful resources having “food” as thematic axis. Through the presentation and input given by the participants, it became evident that food, interlacing with aspects of environmental, health, economy, societal and cultural issues, can be an effective “vehicle” to apply the principles of ESD and ESC in concrete way. Additionally, food waste as well as the environmental impact of food systems seem to be high priorities for the vast majority of the trainness.

Last but not least, Marta Junquera Tordesillas, SCP/RAC presented the innovative case study of Barcelona as the 2021 World Sustainable Food Capital.

You can access the Webinar’s presentations from  WES webpage

Watch from MIO-ECSDE Youtube channel the Webinar’s recorded video

The third (and last) webinar is scheduled to take place on 25 October 2021, focusing on sustainable packaging.