The Council of the European Union approved a new Resolution on the Strategic Framework for European cooperation in Education and Training towards the European Education Area and beyond (2021-2030).  The framework sets 5 strategic priorities for the next decade: 

  1. Improving quality, equity, inclusion and success for all in education and training 
  2. Making lifelong learning and mobility a reality for all 
  3. Enhancing competences and motivation in the education profession 
  4. Reinforcing European higher education 
  5. Supporting the green and digital transitions in and through education and training 

Particularly, under priority area 5 the Council calls for concrete issues and actions, among others:  “Promoting environmental sustainability perspectives across education and training curricula, at all levels of education and within an inter-disciplinary approach, and promoting educational concepts, such as Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education, in order to empower citizens to contribute to sustainable development”!

Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, Minister of Education of Portugal also informed the ministers on the Portuguese Presidency’s plans to launch an online platform facilitating data sharing between the member states on coping with the COVID-19 pandemic in education and training. 

Find the Resolution here