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Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

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10th WEEC, Bangkok, 3-7 November 2019
First World Non-Formal Education Forum
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he Baltic University Programme SAIL for Teachers 2019, 26 June - 3 July 2019, From Szczecin, Poland to Aalborg, Denmark.
Deadline for applications: 29 March 2019.
The SAIL (Sustainability Applied in International Teaching and Learning) for Teachers course 2019 will start on the 26th of June in Szczecin, Poland and end on the 3rd of July in Aalborg, Denmark. 
About the Course
The SAIL for Teachers is an annual Baltic University Programme course organized by the BUP Centre for Finland at Åbo Akademi University. 
Please, notice that this is a call for SAIL for Teachers course not SAIL for Students Conference.
The course takes place on board the tall ship STS Fryderyk Chopin. The aim of the course is to gather teachers from BUP member universities who are interested in sustainable development. We also invite teachers from other institutions, in case of available places. The course is based on all participating teachers’ competencies and experiences - we count on your active influence on the content of the course programme and discussions on board.
There are 30 places available on board. Teachers from different countries, cultures, universities, and disciplines will meet and exchange knowledge, share experiences, learn and teach, develop their competencies, work together, operate the ship, and experience their life’s adventure. You will sail far from stress, internet, and telephone connections. This environment cannot fail to inspire and empower!
University teachers with a background in the field of sustainable development are prioritized.  Ph.D. students are also welcome.
From the evaluation from previous SAIL for Teachers courses: - An excellent idea of sharing experience, different points of view, interpretations by teachers of different backgrounds, from different countries, different age. The sea changed the perspective totally and made this meeting really unforgettable. It was unique, unusual, fantastic time and an opportunity for personal development. It never happens during traditional courses or meetings.
Active Teacher Participation
Each participating teacher will be required to submit an abstract to one of the sessions listed below, and participate in onboard group work, oral presentations, and discussions. Further, we will invite one teacher per session to give an invited talk. All other presentations in the sessions will be prepared on board in group work based on the teachers’ expertise and submitted abstract. All teachers should bring necessary materials for onboard presentations including key references to facilitate group work. As soon as we have the final list of participants, we will announce speakers and organization of working groups. During the course, the teachers will be able to exchange up-to-date knowledge on sustainability issues in the Baltic Sea region and work in teams with colleagues from other countries in an international setting. It is expected that the teachers will get a better understanding of the problems and possibilities for sustainable development.
The sessions on board will be organised in themes, one session/theme. Preliminary the themes are:
    Climate Change
    Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
    Circular Economy
    Urban-Rural Development
    Renewable Energy
    Sustainable Food Production & Consumption
    Sustainable Transport
    Sustainable Water Resources
The final themes will be published later.
Who Can Apply?
We are looking for active, open-minded, and motivated teachers who are interested in trying something new - combining a wonderful adventure with unconventional teaching and learning experience. The course is primarily aimed for teachers/researchers from the BUP member universities, but applicants from elsewhere are also welcome. English is the spoken language onboard and fluent English is required.
Please note that previous sailing experience is not necessary and will not give you any priority for the course. Participants will be selected based on their competence and background within the field of Sustainable Development.
Important: Life on-board a Tall Ship
On board, the sailing vessel all teachers will act as a working crew. You will be divided into one of three watches that will be assigned 4 hours of rotating duties (navigation, deck, and kitchen) - around-the-clock! Please keep in mind that in spite of the weather conditions, and in spite of your condition, you should participate in your watch duties. You should also be aware that sailing a Tall ship means pulling lines, climbing masts to set and haul sails in the old-day fashion. Teachers are expected to work together in the watches to fulfill their sailing duties, which in our experience is an excellent tool for team building and to create a dynamic learning environment. Moreover, as a crew member, you must also do other duties on board, in addition to your sailing and teaching duties. This includes cleaning, cooking meals, washing dishes, and maintenance work. The course will be a physical and social challenge and will hopefully develop a strong feeling of cooperation, trust, and friendship. In addition, it will be a practical and intensive way of learning intercultural communication, the marine environment, and of course sustainable development. The practice of teaching and communicating in English is an added value.
The course is free of charge for teachers from the BUP member universities. The costs of accommodation and food will be covered by the BUP Centre for Finland at Åbo Akademi University. A course fee of 800 Euro per person applies to all other teachers. All teachers must, however, cover all travel costs themselves. 
Teachers are encouraged to investigate the possibility at their own universities to get Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobility funding to cover their participation and travel costs.
For your application, you need to prepare the following:
    A motivation letter (1 page)
    A short biography from a teacher/specialist perspective (one page)
    A description of your planned teaching contribution (interactive workshops, lecture etc.) to the SAIL 2019 course. Innovative ideas on course content, teaching methods, interactive workshops or other activities (social included) on board are welcome (max 1 page)
    A filled out health statement
Please save all the documents with your name and submit them using the online application form
Do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any further questions.
This information with links to the application is available at http://www.balticuniv.uu.se/education/sail/sail-for-teachers/first-call-sail-for-teachers-2019/

Baltic University Programme (BUP) SAIL for Teachers 2019, 26 June - 3 July 2019, from Szczecin, Poland to Aalborg, Denmark.

Deadline for applications: 29 March 2019. There are 30 places available on board! Teachers from different countries, cultures, universities, and disciplines will meet and exchange knowledge, share experiences, learn and teach, develop their competencies, work together, operate the ship, and experience their life’s adventure. You will sail far from stress, internet, and telephone connections. 


Posted by Administrator on 12/3/2019
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