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Educational Material on Non Conventional Water Resources in Cyprus: two more seminars for acting and future teachers, Nicosia, 20 November 2014

On 20 November 2014 a group of 25 teachers from Cyprus –all staff from Centres of Environmental Education, CEEs- followed a half day long seminar on the Educational Material on Non Conventional Water Resources, entitled “To allo Nero”. The seminar took place in CEE of Athalassa from 09.00 to 14.00. It was facilitated by Iro Alampei & Vassilis Psallidas (MEdIES) together with Mariella Antonakopoulou (GWP-Med).

Following last years’ introductory seminar on the same material (January 2014), and because many of the attending teachers were already acquainted with the material, this time the MEdIES staff that coordinated the training aimed to:

  • a) Collect views from teachers that have integrated parts of the material in their educational programs
  • b) Collect views from teachers that have integrated the Grey Water Systems that have been installed in their premises to the schools that visit them daily.
  • c) Analyse the methodologies applied in a couple of selected activities form the material and train the teachers on how to apply skillfully these methodologies with their students.


Indeed teachers have expressed their satisfaction in using the activities of the material, particularly those dealing with cultural aspect of water, an aspect which is not so much highlighted in the ‘traditional’ programs. In one CEE (Pedoula) the teachers have also integrated a guided tour to explain how their Grey Water System functions to their visiting schools. During the training, the participants were guided to the Grey Water System installed in the Athalassas CEE by the owner of the company, Mr Kampanellas, so they had the opportunity to pose questions and clarify any misunderstandings and queries. They stated they were empowered to guide students to such a system. They expressed the idea of developing a 3D model of a Grey Water System that could facilitate explanation to students. The hands-on material (magnetic board and floor plans) were also reported as useful and relevant by those CEE staff that use them, and all attending CEEs declared their intention to reproduce the hands-on material on their own.

During the second part of the seminar, MEdIES trainers analysed in an experiential way two methods used in the material “To allo Nero”, specifically the mapping method and the setting up of experiments using cheap and easy to find materials. Participants found these workshops useful and relevant to their work.

During the afternoon between 16.00 and 19.00 the MEdIES staff were invited by Dr Aravella Zachariou to present the educational material also to a group of post graduate students in the Frederic University. This presentation gave us the chance to discuss in depth how the material has been developed, and how it is envisaged to be used in Cyprus.

Both events of the 20th November 2014 have been co-organised by MEdIES, GWP-Med and the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, in the framework of the Mission Water Programme on Non Conventional Water Resources in Cyprus.

Mission Water is a programme on Non Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) in Cyprus. The Cypriot initiative constitutes the expansion of the Programme previously held in the Greek and the Maltese islands. The program in Cyprus was initiated in 2013 by the Global Water Partnership Mediterranean (GWP-Med), aiming to mobilise NCWRs on the Island, as a sustainable solution for water availability in view of increasing water scarcity, escalating demand and climate change. It is a multi-stakeholder programme bringing together the Global Water Partnership Mediterranean (GWP-Med), the Coca-Cola system in Cyprus( Lanitis bros & Coca-Cola Cyprus), the Mediterranean Information Office for Environment Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE through MEdIES), the Cyprus Pedagogic Institute (PIK) and other national stakeholders.

Snapshots from the morning Seminar:


Snapshots from the afternoon Presentation:

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