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MEdIES ESD training
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We would like to inform all our Europe based members and beyond, that MEdIES intends to run a week-long ESD targeted training course for formal and non-formal educators from European countries and beyond!

It is eligible to be 100% funded by the Erasmus+ programme (including travel, subsistence and tuition fee), under Key Action 1 (KA1 - mobility). If you are based in Europe, grab the opportunity to get full funding to attend (submit your request to your National Erasmus+ Office by 01/02/2018).

Training Dates: Sunday 7/10/2018 ‚Äď Saturday 13/10/2018

Theme of training

The training course will combine short theory sessions and a lot of workshops, field visits, hands-on, and group-work session. It will Include a common ‚Äúcore‚ÄĚ instruction on ‚ÄėEducation for Sustainable Development‚Äô, in light of the SDG agenda, followed by two specializations:

(1) on using the Pack "Know, Feel, Act! to Stop Marine Litter"

(2) on using Non-Conventional Water Resources Management for applying Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in formal and non formal education


The course will take place in Athens, Greece. The indoor sessions will be held at the premises of MIO-ECSDE, in the historical centre of Athens, while the outdoor sessions will take place in and around the city of  Athens.


Tuition fee

The fee is 490 (EURO) and

  • INCLUDES the week-long tuition fees, one hard-copy of the material ‚ÄúALTER AQUA‚ÄĚ in the English language, Wifi equipped meeting venue, coffee breaks & certificate.
  • DOES NOT include: hotel accommodation, meals, airport-hotel transfers, cost for any transfer during the course (for study visits, etc.), other sundry expenses.

How do I pre-register?

Only online registrations are valid. The deadline for registrations is one month before the training session, that is on 7 September 2018.

(1) For Marine Litter Education: Course description & online registration HERE.

(2) For Non-Conventional Water Education: Course description & online registration HERE.


Who can get the Erasmus+ funding? (CLOSED now, deadline 01/02/2018)

EU based schools, vocational and adult education organisations, as well as NGOs, museums etc. are all eligible to receive full funding to attend this course under a KA1 mobility grant, provided they have a PIC. Check with your Erasmus+ National Agency to verify if your institution is eligible as sending organisation under KA1.

Alternatively you can fundraise yourself to support your participation (e.g. through your home institution, a donor, a scholarship, etc). The estimated total participation cost, depending on your country or origin, may range between 1000 - 1500 Euro.

Which are the steps to apply for the Erasmus+ Grant? (CLOSED now, deadline 01/02/2018)

  1. Check with your National Office or Agency if you (and your institution) is eligible to apply.
  2. Read carefully the Erasmus+ guide, notably the sections related to KA1.
  3. Ensure that your Institution has a PIC code. This is mandatory to participate in Erasmus+. Find here the guidelines on how to register.
  4. Download the application form from your national agency website.
  5. Write a complete and detailed proposal elaborating carefully your training needs and the expected impact. Have in mind that filling this application requires some time investment form your part; do not leave it for the last days.
  6. Submit the application online before the annual Erasmus+ deadline (01/02/2018).

What if I am not eligible, or too late to apply for Erasmus+?

If you are interested to take part but e.g. you come from a non-eligible country for Erasmus+ or missed the deadline, you may raise funds to support your participation (e.g. via your home institution, a donor, a scholarship, etc.).



The SchoolEducationGateway platform

We would like to inform you, especially if you are a teacher, that the course has been uploaded also in the SchoolEducationGateway platform, specifically

(1)   For the specialization on marine litter education here
(2)   For the specialisation on Non Conventional Water Resources here


Interested trainees should move very fast, as the deadline of 01/02/18 to apply for an Erasmus+ grant to support your participation is very close!

Thank you in advance for disseminating this announcement to teachers and NGO staff that would be willing to participate, particularly from the eligible countries for Erasmus+.

Do not hesitate to ask us for any clarifications needed on the course content or the process of registration.

The MEdIES team

Iro Alampei - Vicky Malotidi - Vassilis Psallidas


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