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Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

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This was the third time that the MEdIES Secretariat travelled to the Maltese islands to deliver a training to support the Maltese teachers in implementing the Alter Aqua Educational Material in their classes.

The 35 educators of primary and kindergarten level that attended the Alter Aqua trainings were provided with a vast range of resources and ideas on cross curricular activities and lesson plans which could be adapted for various age groups and across various subjects.

Ms Iro Alampei and Ms Vicky Malotidi on behalf of MIO-ESDCE / MEdIES and Ms Marvic Refalo from NTM provided this training. On 1st December the training took place in Xrobb l-Għaġin Nature Park and Sustainable Development Centre, while on 2nd December it took place at the National Curriculum Centre.

View snapshots of the trainings on 1 and 2 December:

Presenting the training agenda to participants.

Presenting and thoroughly discussing about the how the hands-on of the Alter Aqua project can be used by teachers was one of the most valued components of the training, according to participants.

Participants engage in groupwork to discover the water monuments in Malta and around the Mediterranean.

Participants perform drama education activities: According to them such activities constitute a fun and truly engaging way to pass effectively the water-related messages.

The training was organised by Nature Trust Malta – EkoSkola programme in collaboration with MIO-ECSDE / MEdIES initiative and GWP-Med.


The overall satisfaction of participants from the training content was close to or higher than 90%, as stated in their anonymous questionnaires. The detailed evaluation of the training elements is given in the following table:


Content of training (themes covered, diversity of methods followed, quality of clarifications, relativity of the content with the training’s objectives, material given to participants, etc.)


Quality of trainers’ approach (clarity, methods applied, explanations, etc.)


Balance of theoretical - experiential part (if you check less than 5 please indicate what would you like to have more  …………………………….


Opportunity for your active involvement and participation in the training


Achievement of your personal objectives (your expectations from the training)


Usefulness of the overall training to your own preoccupation


Management of time (flexibility of trainers, sticking to the agenda etc.)


Organisation facilities (communication, secretariat, etc.)


Participants appreciated most the presentation and discussions held around the rich hands-on material of Alter Aqua and the participatory engaging way the workshops were structured, especially the drama exercises.

As a follow up they proposed further trainings (maybe for a targeted discipline, e.g. maths, literature); monitoring how the Alter Aqua is implemented in the Maltese schools, and preparing even more teaching resources and lesson plans (potentially by themselves). Some of them requested trainers to keep them updated through emails etc. on relevant educational resources and projects.

The Educational Component of the Alter Aqua project in Malta

One of the main pillars of the Alter Aqua Project is its educational dimension.  Educators are offered free training and resources whilst there is a choice of hands on activities for students of all ages currently available from Xrobb l-Għaġin Nature Park and Sustainable Development Centre. The aim is to raise awareness of the water scarce situation on the Maltese Islands encouraging water saving and appreciation as well as the use of non-conventional water resources, through fun interdisciplinary activities across the curriculum.

Read more:

- on the Alter Aqua project in Malta: http://bit.ly/1lnsumL

- on the Educational Dimensions of the project (in Malta and other countries):  http://www.medies.net/staticpages.asp?aID=657

- on the Educational Resources for teachers and students: http://www.medies.net/staticpages.asp?aID=645&overRideCategory=1

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