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Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

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Are you ready to accept the Biosphere Challenge 2018?

This is a challenge for schools in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves around the world. It is offered by Biosphere Reserve Lake Vanern Archipelago in Sweden.

2018 Theme: My favourite place in the Biosphere

The theme of the Biosphere Challenge 2018 is "My Favourite Place in the Biosphere". We challenge school classes to show their favourite place in their UNESCO biosphere reserve.

The location can be a place that is important to the pupils. A place where they get new energy, find peaceful quiet time, or a place where they can run around and play as much as they want.

Collectively, the classes who accept the challenge will portray beautiful, amazing and cool places in biosphere reserves around the world!

This a challenge for elementary schools in (or close to) a Biosphere Reserve. The purpose is to show the effects of many people working together towards a common goal: a more sustainable future!

The Challenge is composed of four steps:

1) Each pupil documents and describes his/her favourite place. The selected location should be outdoors and it should be a place full of life.

2) The pupils vote for the most favourite place that will be submitted to the Biosphere Challenge.

3) Agree on a good motivation. Why did the class choose this location?

4) The class submits the entry.

You can register to the Biosphere Challenge 2018 by sending an email to johanna.olsson[at]vanerkulle.se

DEADLINE to sign up for the Challenge is March 15th, 2018.


When a school accepts the Challenge and signs up, a welcome package will be sent via e-mail includingpedagogic materials and a report form.


The school should submit results no later than April 20th, 2018.

Read more in the following documents:

Info-text; Powerpoint for the class; Guidelines for the teachers

or adress your wuestions to Ms Johanna Olsson: johanna.olsson[at]vanerkulle.se

Please, enter your information in the blue boxes below and erase the pre-printed instructions. Submit the form in Word format via e-mail to johanna.olsson@vanerkulle.se – no later than April 20th 2018.
Images, such as photos and scanned drawings should be included in this form as well as attached as jpg-files to your submitted e-mail.
Please name the Word document with class-school-biosphere reserve, and country for example: 4cKinnekulleskolanLakeVänernBRSweden.doc

All participating school classes receive a diploma!

Good luck!


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